Weekly Writing Challenge: Backward

Sitting in my black vinyl chair, as I looked around the oval shaped table, I saw other faces which, similar to mine, exposed mixed emotions of excitement, nervousness and, above all, wonderment, I realized that this was it. It took me almost a year to make a decision, and today marked the result of my decision. I was going to be a lawyer.

So a lawyer, huh? God, I can’t tell you how STRESSFUL it was to decide my future career path. Give me lion taming at a circus any day instead. What’s even more surprising is that I never considered law as a prospective career choice. Which, I guess, should have been an option, at least, given that I have a Barrister for a father. But although I jumped between various profession options, from a doctor to an actor and even a detective, being a lawyer never crossed my mind. Little did I know my future was going to be learning the difference between the Common Law and a Statute on my very first day of university (please don’t ask).

What made me choose law, do you ask? I wish i could say one fine day while I was cleaning my room (let me point out I actually like cleaning my room, it helps me relax, and I know that’s weird but well, what can you do), I had an epiphany in the middle of plumping my pillows which revealed to me my ultimate mission in life: to be a lawyer. But I can’t, because I would be lying. The truth is, it took a lot of time and effort to finally make the decision.

After spending months on my laptop doing research, emailing random people whom I figured had previously done the LLB (thank you, social media!), doing the odd bit of thinking (when I started seeing black spots and had to look away from the screen for a few minutes), and finally listening to my dear father’s piece of advice, I decided that Law is my best option at the moment. If it doesn’t work out, I can always blame one of the very nice people who advised me to go for Law, without knowing anything about me.


I have to admit, I was extremely nervous about studying a subject I don’t know sh*t about. I mean, I was going to spend at least 3 years studying it. What if I hated it? What if it was as dry, boring and horrible as some people had not-so-subtly pointed out? Well, I am proud to say I have come to terms with the fact that everyone faces such questions at a certain point of their lives. Nobody is sure that all their decisions will work out (unless they’re Kate Middleton-she’s a princess, for goodness’s sake), and that’s a risk I’m willing to take with law.  I am responsible for my own future and who knows, maybe I was meant to be a lawyer.



The Little Things That Count

You know how we keep hearing the phrase “sometimes it’s the little things that count?”

Well, today I think I actually understood what the extremely profound people with the happy-go-lucky attitude are trying to say.

Tonight, as I was sitting with my father and drafting an email for him, it suddenly hit me that this might be one of those moments that I’ll remember him by in the hopefully very very far future. As I was writing his words, I saw his personality shine through, I saw how he chooses his words and how he creates his sentences. As I was typing away, my heart filled a little more with love for him with every sentence.

I love my father very much. No, I am sure you do too, but I think I love him to the point where it almost hurts. He is my mother and my father, my teacher and yes, maybe my best friend too. When I say he is one of the good people, I’m not being biased (you’ll know what I mean if you meet him once).

This is probably the first of my many post to come about my father. I have so much to talk about him, and I will use my blog to do so.

Did you say I’m a writer… How did that happen?


I still can’t believe I have actually started a blog where I write. Regularly.

I have never considered myself much of a writer; if there’s a piece that needs to be read, however, I’m your girl. Yes I loved writing essays in school (nerd alert) and I am always correcting grammatical errors when I am talking to people (silently now, after a lot of ‘dagger-shooting looks’), but does that mean I should be a writer?

I did think about blogging in the past, but never actually pursued the idea because I didn’t know what to write about and, well, I didn’t know who would want to read what I had to say. My hesitance about writing changed when I started keep a personal diary for instances when I couldn’t punch the pillow anymore or had nowhere to vent. Although that diary was mostly filled with frustrated entries (I use past tense here because I tore out all the negative entries in the hope of a fresh start), it made me realize how good writing actually makes me feel. No, it’s true.

When I blog, I feel wonderful knowing that my voice reaches different people all over, even if the stuff I’m saying might be gibberish to some. My blog’s not solely about fashion, or about food, or about worldly issues. It’s a mix, a salad of reviews, pictures, my opinion of different matters just daily ramblings.  As much as I am shocked at my current status of a blogger (who writes, yes!), I can’t imagine ‘un-blogging’ now. Being a writer is part of me, part of who I am.

And for those of you who actually take time out to read my words, you should know that you make a girl somewhere in the world happy, so thank you.

To fellow writers/bloggers out there, I would love to know why you write, so don’t be shy to share your story.

Who doesn’t love birthdays?


On September 3rd this year, it was an end of an era for me. Well, almost.

I am no longer a teenager; God that still feels weird to say out loud (or write, in this case).

I have grown up. No more excuses. This is it.

Alright, so I admit I am dealing with PBSD (Post Birthday Stress Disorder) and thus the result is a melodramatic blog post. Sorry, dear readers!

That being said, let me assure you my birthday was fantastic. I hosted a huge dinner with lots of people who brought lots of lovely gifts and we ate lots of delicious cake. Yet, something was felt odd; it wasn’t sadness I felt, not exactly, but it was a feeling of letting go of something wonderful, something extremely precious.

I don’t know about you, but ever since I was a child I have always wished to grow older. I remember I  couldn’t WAIT for my 18th birthday and yet, as the day came, I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t feel older or wiser. This time, though, I was half-dreading my 20th. Not so much because of the fear of getting older, but because I had been a teenage for 7 years and I couldn’t imagine not being one. Yes, I heard you mumble that everyone goes through this. But hey, I am going to tell you how I felt on MY 20th birthday, so you better listen up!

As the clock struck midnight (again the melodrama) and I began receiving birthday wishes, I was too excited to feel anything. However when I lay down to sleep after a few hours, I felt ,and I kid you not, like an almost electric vibe passing through my body. No, aliens weren’t trying to abduct me but there was SOMETHING. This time, I could feel the change, and I could tell it was luckier, a happier change. I am ready to let go of the not-so-pleasant experiences from the past and start my life’s wonderful 20th year.

There, I said what I had to say. Until next time.


P.S given that I mentioned my lovely birthday presents, I might put up a post soon displaying some of the best ones!

Book Review: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald


Before the movie The Great Gatsby, based on the novel of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald, was released this year, I had never heard of it before. The film created a hype and suddenly everyone wanted to see this movie. I was dying to see it too, and mostly because I hadn’t read the book and so I wouldn’t compare the movie to anything and would just enjoy it on its own. However I had to travel on the days it was being shown in cinemas, and after that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to rent out a DVD version.

Recently, as I was trying to look for some money we sometimes stash in books (in our household books also act as banks), I came across a slim, dusty book named ‘The Great Gatsby’ in my father’s library. Instantly my mind went ‘Cha-ching!’ Not because I’d found the cash; that was probably in the other 9999999 books.

Oh, how I wish I had seen the movie before I read the novel. I say that because now the movie is NEVER going to be as good. I have yet to see a film based on a book that turns out to be better than the actual novel; for me, words are always better.

The Great Gatsby on the surface is a tale of the unfulfilled love between a man and a woman, but once you understand it in depth, the theme is actually on a much larger-and less romantic-scope.

Through his novel, Fitzgerald portrays the America in 1920’s as an era of greed and rotten social and moral values. The extravagant parties thrown every week by Gatsby symbolize reckless jubilance and the hollow pursuit of pleasure. Ultimately, these shallow activities result in the corruption of the American dream as the unquenchable thirst for money and power surpass the noble goals.

This book has love, hatred, suspense, and murder- it’s the real deal.

I am so glad to have read-and enjoyed- this book, and also it’s an honor to add this to my ‘Great books that I have read’ list.

I would suggest it to everyone interested in literature and reading, as this would be a great asset and is a thoroughly enjoyable read!