My Love-Hate Relationship with Horror Movies

Thanks to my mother (who loved ANYTHING to do with the occult or supernatural, as completely opposed to my sensible dear dad), I have been born with the ‘Ilovescaryshizz’ genes. No, it is hereditary. Ask anyone.

Thus, horror movies were always my favorite; whether it was The Ring or the classic The Exorcist. I guess the one movie I have seen REPEATEDLY is The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Although there’s only a single scene that’s actually scary in the film, it’s enough to make me sleep with the lights on that night. I’ve made my friends watch it numerous times, and my two best friends who HATE horror movies are still cursing me for it..

So now you know the ‘love’ part of my relationship with horror movies. Where does all the hate come from? As I grew up, I gradually found out I can’t stand horror movies that are about people who are possessed (and surprisingly they’re almost the only kind I like); the face, the voice and the PITCH-BLACK, FULLY DILATED, PIERCING EYES are now extremely undesirable to me…

As of recently, I can barely stand horror movies, unless I have an army of people to watch it with me and someone to sleep with for at least a week.

Hence, I still love horror movies but hate the aftereffects of them. One of my friends, who is also a horror movie junkie, is begging for me to watch the new flick on the block, The Conjuring, which is apparently the MOST horror of them all. A part of me really, really wants to rent it out but I still haven’t mustered up the courage. If I do actually end up watching it, I’ll be sure to share my experience!

Do you like horror movies, or against the very existence of them? And if you like yourself a late night scary flick, which is your favorite horror movie?