Feminism: What on Earth does it actually mean?


Today I am going to talk about a topic very important to me; Feminism. However, I won’t exactly be saying why we need feminism (there will be another post addressing that crucial, crucial topic), rather I will simply discuss what exactly does Feminism mean.

Majority of people believe that all feminists are angry, spiteful, men-hating women (the concept of men who are feminists is just too mind boggling for them to even acknowledge, at least in my part of the world) with hairy legs and armpits. Yes, many women are and there’s nothing wrong with that, but that doesn’t mean all feminists are like that. The belief that what all feminists are striving for is female dominance and to show all the men the backseat is deeply rooted in their excuse of a brain. If you want to put this to test, the next time you meet someone new, or even your friend that doesn’t know you that well, state that you are a feminist and I swear, you will either get laughed at, or mocked, or both, once they’ve recovered from the shock. And then the patronizing jokes start…


I experienced something similar a few months ago, when I was visiting a friend and her family took me out for dinner. The conversation steered into this direction when the mother asked me what were my plans for the future, and I answered with a simple “I want to be a lawyer who will hopefully fight for women rights.” That caught the attention of the brothers and father, who then started provoking me by saying things like “what exactly is it you women need, when we are here [to provide for you]?” and “Why do you hate men?” and, after I answered these questions hotly, “oh my, men need someone to stand for their rights too! Why should we be expected to work out for these six-packs?” and lastly, later that night after the whole debacle, when I was eating a Magnum one of the brothers commented “Zara are you sure you want to eat that Magnum? After all, a man might be the founder of the ice-cream.” Needless to say, it was a very lively night.

Now let me reveal to you a secret: Feminism only wants women to be treated equally. If you’ve recovered from the shocking revelation, let’s move on.  If you believe in equal human rights for both men and women, you are a feminist. Yes, you read that right. And hopefully you ARE  a feminist instead of a misogynistic a-hole. Sorry I’m not sorry.Image

It is as simple as that. Once again, repeat after me: ‘feminism = treating women as equals.” Now keep repeating it until every other insane/stereotypical definition of feminists and feminism leaves your brain. Thanks.