Let’s Catch Up

As promised previously, this post will be all about the things I have been up to since the last time I blogged (which was two whole years ago, yikes!) I am going to make list of things I have done since then, and the list will include some achievements and some failures. Let’s get started, yes?

  • I finished my LLB-that’s a big achievement, if I say so myself;
  • I fed my soul by doing some travelling- I went to Kashmir which was absolutely stunning;
  • I made some great friends;
  • I fell out with some of these new friends (I am not sure if that’s an achievement or a failure?)
  • I got into the whole healthy eating, healthy living thing-disclaimer: my lifestyle is still far from green, but I do try to eat healthier and use some organic products. Baby steps, guys!
  • I started working out without hating it. In fact, I actually like working out now. Shocking! But I am working a little everyday to a healthier me;
  • I discovered my true love- MAKEUP! I am a makeup hogger; I love watching YouTube Makeup Tutorials-they are like a calming ritual for me; and I am really excited for doing makeup/fashion related posts from now on. Whoop whoop!
  • I learned how to cook-guess who can make a trillion different types of pasta now? (Hint: She’s writing this post)
  • Finally, I have now learned prioritize myself over anyone else-although I struggle not crossing the fine line which lies between that and being selfish.

So that’s it for now. I am just ecstatic to be back to blogging and I am going to go do a little happy dance now. Happy reading peeps!


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