Daily Prompt: Naked with Black Socks


After studying it in A Level Psychology, I almost completely believe that I suffer (mildly, maybe) from Social Anxiety.

No, I do not find it particularly difficult to walk down the street because I feel that people are watching me from their windows.

However, when I need to speak in front of a somewhat large group, especially if I don’t know the people very well, my palms do get sweaty and I fear the person next to me might hear my heart pounding. This is actually weird because I had always liked debating as a child, and I am very social. Go on my Facebook; you’ll know I’m telling the truth then.

Something happened when I was growing up. Puberty, maybe. Always blame puberty.

Want to know something funny?

I shy away from public speaking, yet I chose Law as my possible career choice.

Yes, Law. One of those professions that NEEDS you to talk in front of random people, a career that DEMANDS for you be a smooth-talking charmer who connects with everyone in the courtroom, simultaneously making them feel like they are the only one there.


And then there’s me; i.e someone who starts speaking in another language mid-sentence when addressing a crowd (the curse of speaking more than one language).

What was I thinking? I wasn’t, obviously.  Or maybe I just had faith that I will conquer my irrational fear. Yes, I like that word, conquer.

I guess I have to force myself to sign-up for the Mooting sessions or whatever we’ll supposedly have, in near future. Even though just thinking about it has me breaking out in a rash..


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