Did you say I’m a writer… How did that happen?


I still can’t believe I have actually started a blog where I write. Regularly.

I have never considered myself much of a writer; if there’s a piece that needs to be read, however, I’m your girl. Yes I loved writing essays in school (nerd alert) and I am always correcting grammatical errors when I am talking to people (silently now, after a lot of ‘dagger-shooting looks’), but does that mean I should be a writer?

I did think about blogging in the past, but never actually pursued the idea because I didn’t know what to write about and, well, I didn’t know who would want to read what I had to say. My hesitance about writing changed when I started keep a personal diary for instances when I couldn’t punch the pillow anymore or had nowhere to vent. Although that diary was mostly filled with frustrated entries (I use past tense here because I tore out all the negative entries in the hope of a fresh start), it made me realize how good writing actually makes me feel. No, it’s true.

When I blog, I feel wonderful knowing that my voice reaches different people all over, even if the stuff I’m saying might be gibberish to some. My blog’s not solely about fashion, or about food, or about worldly issues. It’s a mix, a salad of reviews, pictures, my opinion of different matters just daily ramblings.  As much as I am shocked at my current status of a blogger (who writes, yes!), I can’t imagine ‘un-blogging’ now. Being a writer is part of me, part of who I am.

And for those of you who actually take time out to read my words, you should know that you make a girl somewhere in the world happy, so thank you.

To fellow writers/bloggers out there, I would love to know why you write, so don’t be shy to share your story.


5 thoughts on “Did you say I’m a writer… How did that happen?

  1. Jolene says:

    I blog for several reasons….1. if I didn’t then my husband would get so annoyed with my gibberish 2. it’s cheaper than therapy 3. I know for a fact my husband doesn’t give a hoot about half the things I write about 4. I feel so much better when I just let whatever is in my head flow right out of my finger tips.


  2. elizfrat says:

    Hi Zara, I write because if I don’t I get twitchy. I think it is just part of what makes me tick and is one of the few things that I can get really passionate about. I started blogging earlier this year because I love to connect with other writers and wanted to try to create a space where fellow writers could share their work and encourage each other. Thanks for the follow and consider yourself followed back 🙂

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