Who doesn’t love birthdays?


On September 3rd this year, it was an end of an era for me. Well, almost.

I am no longer a teenager; God that still feels weird to say out loud (or write, in this case).

I have grown up. No more excuses. This is it.

Alright, so I admit I am dealing with PBSD (Post Birthday Stress Disorder) and thus the result is a melodramatic blog post. Sorry, dear readers!

That being said, let me assure you my birthday was fantastic. I hosted a huge dinner with lots of people who brought lots of lovely gifts and we ate lots of delicious cake. Yet, something was felt odd; it wasn’t sadness I felt, not exactly, but it was a feeling of letting go of something wonderful, something extremely precious.

I don’t know about you, but ever since I was a child I have always wished to grow older. I remember I  couldn’t WAIT for my 18th birthday and yet, as the day came, I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t feel older or wiser. This time, though, I was half-dreading my 20th. Not so much because of the fear of getting older, but because I had been a teenage for 7 years and I couldn’t imagine not being one. Yes, I heard you mumble that everyone goes through this. But hey, I am going to tell you how I felt on MY 20th birthday, so you better listen up!

As the clock struck midnight (again the melodrama) and I began receiving birthday wishes, I was too excited to feel anything. However when I lay down to sleep after a few hours, I felt ,and I kid you not, like an almost electric vibe passing through my body. No, aliens weren’t trying to abduct me but there was SOMETHING. This time, I could feel the change, and I could tell it was luckier, a happier change. I am ready to let go of the not-so-pleasant experiences from the past and start my life’s wonderful 20th year.

There, I said what I had to say. Until next time.


P.S given that I mentioned my lovely birthday presents, I might put up a post soon displaying some of the best ones!


2 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love birthdays?

  1. Raiha says:

    Well belated happy birthday Zara.

    And after that yummy picture I want cake. I just add a HUGE slice of apple pie, but my sweet tooth is entirely independent to my chocolate tooth!

    That being said, I’m glad you had a good day. But personally, after I was 15, I changed my mind about wanting to grow up. Being a kid is so much easier, so much fun. If I had a choice, I would stay 13 forever, that was the best year of my life!

    Anyway, have a good life and many more happy birthdays!

    • Zara Jan Durrani says:

      Why thank you, Raiha.

      I can understand the need to feel like a kid! Almost everyone I know is the same. I am, however, sort of unconventional and “weird,” I guess, and almost always tend to go the opposite way.

      Take care!

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