Review: ‘And the Mountains Echoed-‘ Khaled Hosseini


Another heart-wrenching, emotional roller-coaster ride by Mr. Hosseini. I confess; although I was very excited to heart about Mr. Hosseini’s new novel, and it was the first thing I bought on my recent visit to the bookstore, I wasn’t as enthusiastic to pick it up and start reading it. Not because I thought it won’t be brilliant, but because I knew it was going to pull on my heartstrings and, belonging to the Afghan heritage myself, I was going to read into every word with more feeling and try to understand every emotion with more passion than the average reader, simply because I would want to.

That being said, after flipping open the cover and halfway through the first paragraph on page 1, I was, obviously, hooked. Then, I couldn’t understand why I ever delayed starting this wonderful, wonderful piece of writing and wanted to simultaneously rush through it for the sake of knowing what happens next, and slowly savor each tone, each individual character and their story, in luxury. Yes, Khaled Hosseini makes me paradoxical.

A story which keeps you wanting more after every page, ‘And the Mountains Echoed’ is a fantastic tale with numerous twists in the plot. Mr. Hosseini has the power to control your emotions through his novel; he can make you smile with a lighthearted line one moment, and with a beautifully written paragraph revealing something devastatingly tragic, he can bring tears to your eyes in the next. This novel explores the themes of love and loss in great detail, and not just in a romantic way. It is simple yet beautifully complex novel about the relationship of a brother and sister, and how one decision made by their father in their childhood affects the lives of everyone they know, and will continue to affect the lives of many others forever. Every character in the story is interconnected and each character’s live is influenced by the others.

Mr. Hosseini has once again created a masterpiece, and I know I will be rereading this novel time and again.


5 thoughts on “Review: ‘And the Mountains Echoed-‘ Khaled Hosseini

  1. kaytothetee says:

    This is a really good review for your first one. I’ve a similar experience with a book; I hated it at the beginning but I eventually found it impossible to put down. It’s great when a book can totally change your opinion within a few pages. I’ll look out for your future posts too.

  2. the undeniable anglophile says:

    Oh, I totally agree with your opinion on the book, I’m nearly done with it. Love it! His story is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Hosseini truly is an accomplished writer.
    Keep Writing!

    • Zara Jan Durrani says:


      Thanks for your feedback. If you haven’t already, I would suggest reading his other two best sellers too, ‘The Kite Runner’ and ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns.’

      Both are outstanding! Cheers,XX

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