Chennai Express; was it worth it?

Before I tell you what I thought about the movie, I must admit that I was not rushing to the cinemas to book tickets in advance for this title, despite being a die-hard SRK fan. Something told me this would be similar to the likes of Rowdy Rathore and Om Shanti Om (sorry folks, I just did NOT like that movie). My brother forced me to go along with him (he only wanted to go for Deepika), and so I watched Chennai Express.

Now, moving on to my review. I was so very pleasantly surprised by this movie. Let’s start with the cast; Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone both delivered commendable performances. I was reminded once again why SRK is the King of Bollywood, and Padukone looks beautiful is every scene. Truth be told, I guess I was a little skeptic of Khan acting a comedy role, but God, can that guy act! Now I can safely (and proudly) say that Khan didn’t let me or his fans down and delivered a purely entertaining performance, including a few truly hilarious moments. Padukone proves all her critics wrong (that is if she has any!) once again by delivering a stunning performance. She is extremely graceful in the movie, much like in Om Shanti Om but this time it’s a more ‘down-to-earth’ grace and charm she exudes.

The cinematography is wonderful, all the shots captured with perfection and the viewers are showed details of the scenery which, by the way, is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!  I found yet another reason to add to my ‘Why I must visit India’ list. All I wanted to do when a scene in a dazzling new area was shown was to hop on a train from Lahore to Amritsar!

The costumes worn by Padukone are also beautiful; the colorful sarees are very pleasing to the eye and add to the whole fun, colorful, all-in-all happy ambiance which is reflected in most of the movie. The songs are catchy and fit well with the movie; if you catch yourself humming a tune from one of the songs once you exit the cinema, don’t be surprised!

Yes, as times passes by you can sort of start guessing what’s going to happen next (now they’re gonna fall in love, the hero will win the fight etc), but that still doesn’t stop you from looking at the screen. There might be some moments where you think to yourself “hurry along to the next scene,” but the movie never proves to be dull or boring.

Although the general genre of Chennai Express is lighthearted rom-com, there was no way a Bollywood flick would be complete without some action. There are a few ‘dishum dishum’ scenes and a main one at the climax, which, I guess, completed the whole feel of Bollywood. All in all, Chennai Express is a typical Bollywood movie with a not-so-typical script which covers all aspects of a good entertainment number; action, romance, comedy and even a bit of tragedy.

Is it on my top ten movies list? No. Would I be re-watching it anytime soon? Probably not, but once the movie finished I came out of the cinema hall feeling happy and with a smile on my face. So if you want good entertainment and are fans of Khan and/or Padukone, go watch this movie! You’ll enjoy it.Image


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