Let’s Catch Up

As promised previously, this post will be all about the things I have been up to since the last time I blogged (which was two whole years ago, yikes!) I am going to make list of things I have done since then, and the list will include some achievements and some failures. Let’s get started, yes?

  • I finished my LLB-that’s a big achievement, if I say so myself;
  • I fed my soul by doing some travelling- I went to Kashmir which was absolutely stunning;
  • I made some great friends;
  • I fell out with some of these new friends (I am not sure if that’s an achievement or a failure?)
  • I got into the whole healthy eating, healthy living thing-disclaimer: my lifestyle is still far from green, but I do try to eat healthier and use some organic products. Baby steps, guys!
  • I started working out without hating it. In fact, I actually like working out now. Shocking! But I am working a little everyday to a healthier me;
  • I discovered my true love- MAKEUP! I am a makeup hogger; I love watching YouTube Makeup Tutorials-they are like a calming ritual for me; and I am really excited for doing makeup/fashion related posts from now on. Whoop whoop!
  • I learned how to cook-guess who can make a trillion different types of pasta now? (Hint: She’s writing this post)
  • Finally, I have now learned prioritize myself over anyone else-although I struggle not crossing the fine line which lies between that and being selfish.

So that’s it for now. I am just ecstatic to be back to blogging and I am going to go do a little happy dance now. Happy reading peeps!

It’s Been A While

My last blog post was two years ago. I cannot believe it has actually been that long, but I am back and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon!

I have missed writing so much. Now that I am back to it, I realize how much penning down my thoughts helped me with sorting out my thoughts. I am going to let you readers in on an underrated secret; writing truly is therapeutic. So if any of you has been suffering from the all too common ailment known as ‘over-thinking’, just give writing a shot.

It really doesn’t mean you need to start your own blog (if you do though that would be brilliant); just take a piece of paper and a pen and just jot down whatever you are feeling at the moment. Trust me, it will help.

This post is going to be a short one but I am working on a new post, in which I will recap whatever I have been up to in the last two years (when I went AWOL).

Here’s to the rebirth of my blog (gosh I always end up being a tad over-dramatic). Cheers, my lovelies!


When Did We Stop Being Tolerant?

The last thing that made me mad? That’s a no-brainer: When a friend did everything he could to trivialize my beliefs about spirituality and religion. 

Now would be a good time to make it clear that I come from an Islamic country (Pakistan), although a majority of the Muslim population here are simply ‘cultural’ Muslims (but take no time turning into the pious momin when they want to comment on someone’s lifestyle which seems unfitting for their version of Islam).

Yes, we are all entitled to our belief and we don’t have to agree with each other. But does that mean we have the right to trivialize someone else’s faith? I would think not. 

I am not religious; I consider myself spiritual (something I discovered quite recently, but more on that later). I do believe in God, but not in the God most of my Muslim friends and the majority of Pakistani Muslims seem to believe in. I really don’t think God is sitting up there racking his brain trying to figure out new ways to unleash his wrath on all the unbelievers. Nor do I believe that God would disown me if I didn’t dress “appropriately”, or had a tattoo, or loved someone from the same sex. I wouldn’t want to believe in such a superficial, sexist, and unbelievably unreasonable God. 

This friend of mine, however, has different views. He seems to believe in such a God, and seems quite adamant to impose his beliefs on those who hold a different opinion, and if he can’t succeed there then he will try his incompetent best to belittle the other person by ridiculing and trivializing their values and beliefs.

He is entitled believe in whatever he wants. But so am I. And I should be able to do just that, without the fear of others trivializing my faith. That is completely unacceptable, is it not? 

I like nothing more than an intelligent, thought-provoking debate on (quite) controversial topics such as God, spirituality and feminism. But the difference is, whenever I have had these debates with friends or family, I always found myself to be the only one willing to keep an open mind and explore all avenues, while the other party was hell-bent on trying to shove their beliefs down my throat. 

I have no stead-fast rules on God or faith-which is one of the reasons why I really hesitate in introducing myself as a religious person because, frankly, all they seem to be is stubbornly, and quite stupidly, might I add, stuck on a view with no intention of budging even slightly. 

It will never cease to amaze me how, in the society I come from, people refuse to even try to look at anything-especially something as sensitive as religion and God- from another point of view, but will never fail to avail an opportunity to ridicule, mock and-most infuriating of all, trivialize the beliefs of anyone which is dissimilar to their own. These are intolerant, narrow-minded bigots who claim to be the followers of one of the most humane and tolerant religions in the world. I know many of you might not agree with the statement about Islam-I didn’t either, until recently- but I will hopefully put up another post soon related to this.  

The cliche live and let live has never seemed more apt.

Things I want to cross of my Bucket List before I am 24

What do I want to do before I’m 24? Here’s my list of random things that popped in my head right now, which makes this list honest, I guess. 

  1. Travel to a new country (my fourth, yay!)
  2. Dine and Dash (oh, and get rid of my “Goody-Two Shoes image)
  3. Learn to make at least 10 different hairstyles
  4. Grow out my hair 
  5. Graduate
  6. Learn how to cook? 
  7. Attend a best friend’s wedding 
  8. Be able to read Rumi in Farsi
  9. Get a tattoo (said by the girl who was afraid of getting her ears pierced..)
  10. Learn to swim
  11. Do at least one thing out of my comfort zone
  12. Take that vacation with friends which has been planned since 9th Grade 
  13. Stop taking myself, and life, so seriously

Unfashionably Late

Unfashionably Late

I know I have been horribly irresponsible towards my blog within the last few weeks. Hence, I would like to extend an olive-branch to my readers (if I have any left) with this picture.

May I never ignore the art of blogging again-Amen.

-A mosque’s minaret captured by me.

Daily Prompt: Naked with Black Socks


After studying it in A Level Psychology, I almost completely believe that I suffer (mildly, maybe) from Social Anxiety.

No, I do not find it particularly difficult to walk down the street because I feel that people are watching me from their windows.

However, when I need to speak in front of a somewhat large group, especially if I don’t know the people very well, my palms do get sweaty and I fear the person next to me might hear my heart pounding. This is actually weird because I had always liked debating as a child, and I am very social. Go on my Facebook; you’ll know I’m telling the truth then.

Something happened when I was growing up. Puberty, maybe. Always blame puberty.

Want to know something funny?

I shy away from public speaking, yet I chose Law as my possible career choice.

Yes, Law. One of those professions that NEEDS you to talk in front of random people, a career that DEMANDS for you be a smooth-talking charmer who connects with everyone in the courtroom, simultaneously making them feel like they are the only one there.


And then there’s me; i.e someone who starts speaking in another language mid-sentence when addressing a crowd (the curse of speaking more than one language).

What was I thinking? I wasn’t, obviously.  Or maybe I just had faith that I will conquer my irrational fear. Yes, I like that word, conquer.

I guess I have to force myself to sign-up for the Mooting sessions or whatever we’ll supposedly have, in near future. Even though just thinking about it has me breaking out in a rash..

Lo and Behold; The Weekend Is Here!

You know how I previously said that after a whole year of having fun, I can’t wait to hit the books? Okay so I didn’t exactly mention it here, but I did keep on gloating about my wonderful year off to everyone I met on the streets; “Oh hello. Crossing the street, are we? Well let me quickly tell you about my ah-mazing year before the red Honda runs us over.”

I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to having my blood sucked out by insanely-hectic university courses. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Or stupid.

I have had a perfectly normal week as a Law student, and I am tired. In case you don’t understand fully, let me make my feelings more clear.


That feels better.

I know that everyone loves the weekend, but little did I know that I will be welcoming the weekend on my knees with gratitude and with tears of joy.

After returning home from university and hitting the pillow for a glorious afternoon nap, I woke up frowning (no, I don’t have a mirror on my ceiling, could tell from flexed face muscles) only to realize that I dreamed about my law classes. Damn you, corrupt system of my country that made me realize I want to study the law! I want to dream of fairies again. Goodbye, innocence.

Also, I don’t want to think about my newly changed timetable (for about the 100th time) where Saturdays will also be on for classes. Quick, let’s talk about pleasant things before I reach for the switch blade.

YEAH SO. The weekend.


I have decided to treat myself to tons of trans fat tonight. Healthy eating habits are now for the helldays (aka weekdays) only. I am going to get a takeaway of about, umm, 10000 calories, accompanied with lots of chocolate and MAYBE some coca-cola. Depends on how much sugar I need. I also have a DVD copy of The Great Gatsby waiting for me. It will be so much fun watching the famous Gatsby parties where women will be in gorgeous gowns and jewels, and the men in sharp suits, while I sit in my most comfiest, snuggest pajama’s, stuffing my mouth with crisps.


Right, so I am off rushing to organize my Great Night In. I hope you all have a great weekend and now that you know what I plan to do on my weekend, I would love to know how you spent yours.